The KaVoKLAVE II Autoclave is no longer available.

The Prestige sterilizer is available
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The Prestige Sterilizer


  • Light, compact and portable.

  • Single, one step operation.

  • Fully automatic.

  • Large capacity.

  • Safe and reliable.

  • Up to 6 cassettes for large capacity.

Advanced Design

  • A simple, one step operation starts the cycle.

  • Large sequence indicators show:"Power unit" - "Cycle in Progress" - "Sterilization in Process" - "Cycle is Successful" or "Cycle has Failed".

  • An interlock system prevents the lid from being removed while pressure remains in the vessel.

  • A two stage "over pressure" protection system incorporates a calibrated Pressure Release Valve and a Gasket Offset Device.

  • Electronic detectors turn off the power if there is insufficient water.

  • Optional temperature and pressure gauges show internal chamber conditions during the cycle.

  • TST indicator strips provide independent verification that the correct combination of temperature, steam and time has been achieved for succesful sterilization.

  • For your assurance of quality, each autoclave is computer tested and issued with a unique Performance Test Certificate showing that the parameters for successful sterilization have been met.


Steam sterilization, or autoclaving, is the preferred method for eliminating the risk of cross infection through contaminated instruments and the only one recommended throughout the world by healthcare professionals including the W.H.O. (World Healthcare Organisation) and C.D.C. (Center of Desease Control).



Technical Specifications

  • Temperature: 121° C (250° F).

  • Sterilization Time: 16 minutes

  • Cycle Time: Approx. 30 minutes.

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